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Art Moving Forward

Today I am following along with some words (and deeds) of wisdom from Andrea and sharing with you a few of my painting which were shown at the Martinsmart in Heuchelheim, Germany.  These also sold, as were the ones Andrea showed you in her post.

The top two pieces are paper on canvas and the bottom two are paper only.  They are all done with acrylics and ink.


As Andrea says, we are both busy moving our art forward and sometimes getting to this blog is nearly impossible. Thank you all who continue to support my efforts here and have been staying with me throughout these very busy times.  Busy is good, believe me I am not complaining at all.  I am always thinking of you!

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There are 3 Comments to "Art Moving Forward"

  • suki says:

    these are wonderful Kim. Bravo on your sales and andrea’s too. What a big effort it must be to put together as show like this. I am glad you are busy in your studio. And I love to read about your happenings. Be well, Suki

  • Kim says:

    Thank you so much, Suki! You are the best blog reader of all time. It doesn’t matter how long I take between posts you are always here to cheer me on! You are also a very dear friend. It did take a lot to make all of this happen, but the experience was amazing. I am so looking forward to doing it often. You know all about this kind of thing! I am eager to know, when will your book come out?

    Thank you so much, my friend!

  • Thanks for your kind comment on my new blog. I really hated starting over but it will be better this way. What a fun time you both had at the show. Congrats on the sales too. Think my favorite is the first one.